Expenses & Funding

What will this process cost?

The We Are Perdido organization is powered by local volunteers, including the chairman and all board members. Despite operating on these volunteer efforts, there are costs associated with research and the process of establishing a new town. 

Three feasibility study firms, a contemporary incorporation effort, and the Florida League of Cities, all advised that the process of a feasibility study all the way through a local vote typically costs $125-150K. This includes the feasibility study, a municipal charter, advocates in Tallahassee, community organization, and marketing. The following is a rough breakdown of the expenses as they were provided to the We Are Perdido organization, and represent expenditures for a 2-year timeframe. Costs may vary, and certain items may be streamlined if more of the legwork is handled by local volunteers.

Summer 2023 Budget Message

As of July 2023, 100% of donations have been from citizens and businesses within the proposed municipal boundaries. 88% of all expenses so far are research and polling related (BJM Consulting and a professional survey firm). Every major expense to date has come in under budget when compared to initial projections. Volunteer efforts and drafting the charter locally have saved thousands of dollars. The study firm, BJM Consulting, has confirmed that our in-house volunteer efforts continue to bring significant cost savings on their not-to-exceed quote. The quote for the surveyor is significantly under budget as well.

Local citizens have donated roughly $25,000 to date, in line with expenses thus far. To stay within our proposed timeline and to cover a number of upcoming expenses, the organization has set a short-term fundraising goal of $75,000 by the end of August, 2023. This figure includes the funds raised to date, so approximately $50,000 remains to be raised to stay on schedule.

We Are Perdido formed as a Florida nonprofit corporation, and filed for 501(c)4 status. The organization is powered by local citizen volunteers. Continuing the effort will only be possible through the contributions of local citizens.

Summer 2023 Fundraising Goal: $75K

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