What if Perdido were a town?

Local citizens join together to explore the idea of becoming a city.

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We Are Perdido

Local citizens are joining together to explore the idea of becoming a city.

By incorporating our area as a municipality, we can directly address the local issues we face, make decisions ourselves, and return a more significant share of tax dollars to our local community. We can reduce the overall burden on our county by taking control of our own destiny. Citizens can have a local voice in their own city government. Together, we can improve the quality of life for us and our neighbors in the surrounding unincorporated county.


How do you form a city?

It all starts right here, with our citizens, community workgroups and local support. Florida's Home Rule powers allow local Florida communities to unite and form municipalities (cities, towns, and villages).


Together we explore how  a new municipality is formed. And we discover the benefits for our community.


Working with a research firm, we develop a Feasiblity Study and proposed 5-Year Budget to show how it can work.


Through community workgroups and advocacy, we can teach those around us the process and its benefits.


We lead to empower our community, giving our own citizens the opportunity to vote on municipal incorporation.

Perdido is thriving

As a citizen of the Perdido area, you are part of a strong, thriving community. Representing just 7% of our county’s population, our area holds 16% of the taxable real estate value. We generate 20% of the Tourism Development Tax. Over the last 10 years, we’ve contributed nearly HALF A BILLION dollars to our county.

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